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An important family member (POPITO) wants to come back to home and must combat some enemies and difficulties to make it.


  • W to move to top
  • A to move to left
  • S to move to down
  • D to move to right
  • left click or control to shoot

Cross every level destroying enemies shooting them, keep out from enemies bullets to keep POPITO alive so He can arrive home safety. 

Technology Notes

  • Unity 2018.3
  • Adobe Ilustrator
  • FL Studio


  • Luisk Medina (Graphic Designer)
  • David Niño (Programmer)
  • Kike Perez (Programmer)
  • William Robayo (Programmer)
  • Maria Luisa Meneses (Graphic Designer)
  • Cristian Herrera(Sound Producer)
  • Iohan Sandoval (Game Designer)


  1. Download
  2. Unzip file
  3. execute mohome.exe


MohomeGGJ2019BUILDV2.zip 25 MB

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